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Shandong egger decorative materials Co., Ltd. is located in Tanyi National Forest Product Park, Linyi City, Shandong Province. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Qiaojia new decoration material Co., Ltd. It is an innovative and environmental protection decorative material manufacturing enterprise with national capital strength and strong influence in the industry. The factory has a total production area of 60000 square meters and 35 engineers and technicians. The company has a domestic leading production line of yiweigao fully automatic impregnated film paper, a synchronous automatic production line of weyner in Germany and a fully intelligent three-dimensional constant temperature storage library of impregnated paper. The annual output of melamine impregnated film paper is 18 million and that of high-end furniture decorative panels is 4 million. 100% full production chain quality control, high standard, strict management, create high quality and high value. The company brand formore, all wood creative performance materials, adheres to the innovation oriented, intelligent manufacturing as the core driving force, focuses on the high-end decoration field, and has formed the product matrix of high-end furniture decorative panels such as melamine impregnated adhesive paper, LSB super home board, UV coating board, American core board, true pine board, etc., and has become a comprehensive wood industry service platform integrating R & D, manufacturing and marketing Taiwan is a loyal partner of designers' creative expression. At present, it has successfully established deep cooperation relationship with more than 30 global industry famous brands, real estate enterprises and domestic high-end customized brand manufacturers. In response to the national call of "promoting green development, circular development, low-carbon development" and "building a beautiful China", formore will continue to uphold the sustainable development concept of "innovation, low-carbon and environmental protection", carry forward the enterprise spirit of "continuous learning, thinking and strong implementation", and put the brand tenet of "more creativity, more nature" into every detail of the product“ With less resources, create more wood performance materials "is the mission of the enterprise to continue to move forward, constantly pursue excellence, and give back to the society.

Brand introduction

For more, the semantic meaning is "for more", for more wood creative performance materials. Adhering to the development concept of low carbon and environmental protection, the brand tenet of "more creativity, more nature" runs through every detail of the product, and creates more wood performance materials with less resources, The natural beauty of natural wood is vividly and exquisitely deduced, and the visual and tactile effects of log texture are pushed to the extreme. Relying on scientific research and development, combined with the functional and artistic requirements of the target audience, more and more personalized wood performance materials are created, which lays a material foundation for designers to achieve bold and creative design goals. Company brand formore is all wood creative performance materials, production design and international standards. Together with many top international high-end furniture customized brands, such as Germany's Boli noilia, Aino AlnO, Pu Nuo pronorm and Italian Veneta Veneta, they jointly lead the trend of design and color matching, and enjoy a high brand honor in the domestic and international markets; formore pays attention to the development trend of international high-end finishes, following the international fashion trend, especially in the home decoration industry, classic colors and patterns Theories emerge in endlessly, thanks to formore's pursuit of fashion and accurate interpretation of international trends.

Corporate culture

Vision: to be the world's most innovative wood material leader Enterprise mission: create more wood performance materials with less resources Core values: integrity, quality, innovation and empowerment

Technological innovation

400m 2 national standard R & D laboratory
The company is equipped with 400m ~ 2 municipal key R & D laboratory and complete testing equipment to provide technical support for product R & D and quality control. Designed and constructed by national standard laboratory, it can carry out physical and chemical tests on various raw materials and finished products such as substrate, glue, base paper, impregnated paper, etc.; through a large number of tests, data are collected, product innovation and research are carried out, and the production process is continuously improved and the product performance is improved, which is widely praised and recognized by the industry. School enterprise alliance The company always adheres to the people-oriented management principle, actively responds to the strong call of national school enterprise cooperation, and actively connects with universities. It has successively carried out close cooperation with Nanjing Forestry University, Beijing Forestry University and Wood Industry Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences in terms of scientific research platform planning, technology research and development, and has established teaching practice base and production university research cooperation base of Nanlin University. We will combine advanced technology, management experience at home and abroad with outstanding talents in the industry to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation of "production, learning, research and application". At present, there are 4 doctoral backbone personnel, 8 master backbone personnel and 23 undergraduate personnel. The average age of the company's staff is 34.5 years old. Science and technology innovation is the eternal power of enterprise development The company has Japanese F4 Star certification, American carb certification, China Environmental Labeling Product ten ring certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification; it has obtained 4 invention patents, 38 utility model patents, 9 scientific and technological achievements transformation, 1 national major project, 2 innovation and technology projects, and provincial level One key technical transformation project, five Shandong Provincial innovation awards and five professional papers. Currently, it is applying for CNAs system certification. It has won the honorary titles of leading forestry enterprise of Shandong Province and director unit of Shandong household association, It has laid a solid foundation for the development of enterprises and promoted the progress of the industry The production process of titanium coated warm white paper was successfully developed 2. Wood based panel manufacturers certified by China environmental label products 3. Wood based panel manufacturers certified by ISO14001 international environmental management system 4. Wood based panel manufacturers certified by ISO9001 quality management system 5. Wood based panels get the pass to the United States - carb certification 7 developed the processing technology of wear-resistant materials for liquid wear-resistant paper 8 drafting unit of national standard classification of formaldehyde emission from wood based panels and its products
Social responsibility

Advocate the national green home chain production enterprises, take safety production as their own responsibility, and realize safe, environmental protection, innovative scientific and technological research and manufacturing from the source. In response to the call of "promoting green development, circular development, low-carbon development" and "building a beautiful China", formore will, as always, uphold the sustainable development concept of "innovation, low-carbon and environmental protection", penetrate the brand tenet of "more creativity, more nature" into every detail of the products, and focus on the enterprises that "create more wood performance materials with less resources" We will continue to strive for excellence and give back to the society.

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Address: Tanyi national forest products Park, Fei County, Linyi City, Shandong Province Tel: 400-1090-116 / 0539-5257372 Email: formore68@outlook.com
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