Rmore investment and operationStrong backstage support:
1. Decoration and material support: gather the most classic design in Europe, implement the most high-end VI terminal image in the industry, and provide certain materials with brand image display free of charge.
2. Staff team support: we have a vigorous team fighting for value, which is efficient, rigorous and pragmatic. We help dealers develop customers, guide operations, promote products and improve performance. Develop a complete set of operation mode and promotion scheme according to local conditions for local market, and assist dealers to train personnel, set up teams and implement schemes.
3. Brand support: international brand image, with high quality products and services, 20 years of plate industry experience, first-class management team, highlight the strong style.
4. Advertising support: the company will provide all-round and multi-level advertising support in new media, publications, outdoor, car body, etc., and actively cooperate with dealers to carry out local advertising publicity.
5. Promotion momentum: regularly hold all kinds of innovative public promotion activities in various regions, participate in exhibitions, group buying meetings, and rush purchase festivals, so as to further improve the recognition and reputation of products, guide consumers to actively purchase, and ensure the steady growth of your performance.

Join hands with you to grow together and explore the logic of business
Recruitment hero post:
1. Normal business has passed the survival period.
2. Dealers have a strong desire for development.
3. More than 3 years of Retail plate terminal experience, energetic, clear business ideas.
4. Have a certain financial strength and good store market.
5. Identify with formore brand development values.
6. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the market environment is changing with each passing day. Only by developing together can we win the future.
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